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"Centrum Obsługi Powypadkowej CODEX" was established in February 2008 as an insurance claim law firm. Codex legally represents people injured in accidents for institutions obliged to repair the damage (Insurance Companies, workplaces, etc.) To ensure that people involved in accidents receive a better service, the company commissioned us to prepare a mobile application.

Tasks and objectives

The application suggests step-by-step instructions on how to call for help and what information to gather at the scene, which ensures safety and the right to compensation. All data can be entered directly into the forms included in the application. It also facilitates contact with a counsellor who will answer any questions or concerns that may arise in this stressful situation. The Accident Assistance Center is available 24/7.

Main functions of the application:
  • call for help (112)
  • online consultation - the application initiates a direct phone call to a consultant
  • guide "Accident - how to behave"
  • a list of all the data required to file for compensation (personal data, vehicle information)
  • ability to save notes from an accident and enhancing them with a voice recording and/or photos
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