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Medicover provides full medical care including outpatient services, dentistry, medical imaging, a laboratory and the complex hospital care for over 20 years. It has 41 own outpatient clinics and 1250 cooperating facilities. In 2009, the Medicover opened its multidisciplinary hospital. It currently hires over 15 000 employees.

Tasks and objectives

We implemented an information portal that is both informative and practical. It contains an extensive database of news regarding health as well as information about specific services offered by the hospital. The implementation, based on Edito system within the .NET technology, ensures high performance (nearly 1.8 million monthly visits).

A portal featuring many functionalities facilitating the service of over 500,000 of patients a year

One of the bespoke modules is the search engine including over 3,000 doctors and 1,100 nurses. The search engine, based on the ElasticSearch, includes practical filters and helps you find the specialist you want. The user can choose the facility, the specialization and the knowledge of foreign languages which might help patients from abroad. After selecting the specialist, the patients are being redirected to the page where they can make an appointment at a convenient time. The search engine of facilities contains similar features.

The portal offers an integrated system that facilitates contact with the company. Thanks to individual forms, you can make an inquiry regarding the services, send feedback or suggest an idea. The career tab including job offers is integrated with the eRecruiter system which makes the management of ongoing recruitment much easier for the client.

“Check your Health” tab gives access to many interesting tools such as BMI calculator, fertile days/pregnancy calculator, blood sugar and pressure diaries or an interactive plate that helps to compose meals. The drug database and health encyclopedia, however, provide valuable information on specific medical issues and medicines. Detailed information included there, can greatly help the user understand their illness or get accurate information about the medicine.

Main benefits for the client
  • Functional search of doctors and facilities,
  • the integrated system of sending forms and recruiting employees,
  • an intuitive drug database and health encyclopedia,
  • medical calculators and measuring tools.
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