A post-warranty claim management app

The client is a company that specializes in the design, production and distribution of specialized medical equipment. High-quality products, expanded distribution network and excellent customer service made this company a worldwide leader in its sector.

Tasks and objectives

At the client’s request, we created a bespoke app that supports the management of post-warranty claims. It helps to manage the repairs of offered products and service of customers from all around the world. The biggest priority of this project was to improve the everyday work of technicians and make the customer communication model easier in the whole repair process.

The result of this cooperation is a bespoke application that manages global post-warranty repairs.

The client’s industry requires the highest quality of products and short repair time. It also affects the choice of solutions that should be tailored to the needs and specifics of the industry. Each feature of the system is designed from scratch and taking into account the client’s methodology. As a result of it, we managed to improve efficiency and optimize after-sales service on the client’s side. This translated directly into the increase in the level of satisfaction of its counterparties.

The application includes the following functionalities:

  • Creation of customer, product, repair history database
  • Registration of repairs and their automated valuation (system might recommend the exchange for the new product when the appropriate conditions are met)
  • reporting time spent on repair and including it in subsequent, similar claims and valuations
  • generating extensive reports and statistics
Main benefits for the client
  • the modern tool supporting client’s business objectives,
  • automation of after-sales service,
  • the increase in the counterparties’ level of satisfaction,
  • increase in the company's competitiveness.
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