Bespoke DMS platform for BPH TFI

BPH Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA has been operating in Polish market for almost 20 years. It manages 14 investment funds and provides financial services to individuals and corporations. They represent a group of the General Electric Company in Poland.

Tasks and goals

We implemented a system of internal expenses and order management. Its purpose is to organise the documentation and information related to settlements and decrease the time of financial operations and rational cost management.

The implemented system includes such processes as:

  • employees' expenses management and settlement, with the ability to automatically attach the relevant documentation and defining the manner of payment
  • the ability to create application forms
  • internal orders
  • external orders
  • submitting applications for replenishment of warehouse goods
  • employees' business trips

The notification system has been integrated with the employees' email addresses and the information and correspondence related to new orders and their settlements are sent up to date.

Main advantages for the Customer

  • Raising the level of security and to standardise the process of document management
  • Improving the purchase process at the planning stage
  • Better process control and reporting
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