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The Black Red White Group is the largest furniture group in Poland, a manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings distributor. For over 20 years they have been operating in the retail market and includes 11 foreign entities.

Tasks and objectives

For several years, the Black Red White Group have been using our technology solutions for online sales. The project is constantly evolving with new functionalities and solutions. The custom designed service plays an important role in building image and brand awareness, and constitutes an additional distribution channel.

The service has many functionalities dedicated for retail customers. It presents extensive product cards enabling the ability to check for details such as fronts, bodies or table-top colour, as well as key features like assembly instructions, users' reviews or related products and the published content is enhanced by the inclusion of YouTube videos. We have completed a series of works to improve the usability of the service and optimised it for search engine positioning.

The implementation was associated with the platform integration of other systems previously used by the client, such as:

  • Fact-Finder search engine
  • Quartic recommendations system
  • Allegro - online trading platform
  • - service of online shop evaluations
  • TD Integral platform
  • HRlink - system for recruiting employees on-line
  • SARE - e-mailing platform
  • ERP (Safo and Maat) - internal systems

Furthermore, the product feed was prepared containing a description and product attributes available on the online store. Product file enables communication between, YouLead and the platforms.

The service was recognised in the third edition of the e-Commerce Polska awards and also awarded as the best online shop in "Home & Garden" category at this year’s Webstarfestival.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • Modern and customer-friendly online store with attractive goods display
  • Responsive version makes it easier for customers using mobile devices
  • Dozens of dedicated modules and integrations
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