Corporate Service for the Farmacol Group

The Farmacol Capital Group is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals in Poland. The principal activities of Farmacol group are wholesale and retail products of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, hygiene products and dietary supplements.

Tasks and goals

The main goal was to improve the intuitiveness of the service and to facilitate different target groups to reach their desired information. The work at every stage (starting from designing the information architecture, graphic design, and finishing by presenting the content clearly) was thought through carefully to allow easy and intuitive access to the content.

To facilitate the implementation of our objectives, the site was divided into sections dedicated to certain target groups: pharmacies, hospitals, suppliers, investors and also job seekers within the Farmacol Group. The implementation also included a provisioning service for content, as well as provide training for the staff responsible for site updates.

"The project met our expectations allowing us to achieve our objectives. In particular, the ability to present our company in a professional way to a wide audience and help them reach their sought after information and support, which has created our desired image for the company. The new service also enabled contact with the company and provided assistance in recruiting new employees. It was the second project that we worked on with Ideo, and - as in the previous case - it was completed on time and at the highest level of professional cooperation." - Robert Olejarczyk, Deputy Head of Marketing, Farmacol Group

The main advantages for Client
  • improving the intuitiveness and page modernisation
  • support the process of building a positive image for the company
  • Support for HR.
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