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The Indykpol Capital Group is the largest Polish organization of poultry companies, specializing in breeding and fattening of turkeys as well as in production and sale of turkey meat and turkey meat products. The control over group’s activity is carried out by Indykpol SA with its headquarters in Olsztyn. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in poultry breeding and processing technology, the Company is among the top leaders in the industry. It is also the largest producer of Turkey meat products in Poland. Indykpol is also a renowned exporter of poultry meat and poultry meat products.

Tasks and objectives

At the client’s request, we designed the new version of the official website. As an agency, we needed to develop the graphic layout as well as suggest website’s new structure. Our goal was to design the website that is clear, intuitive and which showcases the company’s complex offer in an attractive way. On the website, there is also a visible division of content corresponding to the needs of different groups (businessmen, customers).

The important aspect adopted during the design stage was to give possibility to manage several websites from one place.

Thanks to the Multisite feature, the client can share resources in all existing websites and use them as a foundation to quickly launch new websites. This feature gives users the full control and makes content management, on many websites at the same time, more convenient. The website displays information regarding investor relations, especially exchange quotation, announcements, company’s reports and investor’s calendar. What deserves a special attention is an implementation of the company’s exchange quotation module that showcases real-time quotations (with graphs and tables) as well as Stock Exchanges Indexes: WIG and WIG 20.

The main advantages for the Client
  • Marketing automation,
  • simplification of measuring the effectiveness of conducted activities,
  • segmentation of gathered data,
  • coherent graphics, attractive content,
  • effective management of brand communication,
  • building an active community.
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