Dedicated application for creating presentations for Artell

Artell is a Norwegian communication agency. The company specializes in servicing companies from the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It deals with current communication, launching of brands and products on the market and and information campaigns in the area of health.

Tasks and objectives

As a subcontractor of the agency, for one of its clients, we have prepared a dedicated application, which is a tool for building multimedia and visually attractive presentations. The application is based on our proprietary content management system Edito CMS version 4.0. An innovative solution is to illustrate the presentation with video materials.

Fast creation of complex presentations, supplemented with, for example, training materials.

The application facilitates the presentation of content in the form of an attractive video, which can take on a personalised character thanks to the use of a narrator. From the level of the administration panel, the client can supplement the presentation with additional materials in the form of PDF documents or video films. In addition, the application has been enriched with a quiz element, which can be a summary and verification of the recipients' knowledge.

You can select the content block yourself on the first slide, with a table of contents. If no decision is made, the next part of the presentation is automatically transfered to the description. Additionally, the application has a timeline where all thematic blocks are available. During the presentation, the user can mark the materials of interest to download them (as a zipped file) after the presentation.

In the application, we used the division into group and individual users. In the case of an individual presentation, the user can manually scroll to any selected moment on the timeline during video playback. Furthermore options to use the basket of materials are available only for these users.

Group users receive a link to the quiz on the external Kahoot website. There is also a difference in the way of selecting specific thematic blocks. The presentation in the group version is displayed in the form of an autoplay, without the possibility of going to a given chapter.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Creating visually attractive presentations
  • Highly intuitive and easy to use application
  • Modern and innovative form of content presentation
  • High comfort of use
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