Dedicated applications for Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney (formerly WSK PZL Rzeszów) has been operating in the airline industry since 1938. The company produces aircraft components and engines and was the first airline company in Poland to receive the JAR 145 certificate.

Work time reporting system

The application generates reports based on data collected from the work time recorder and SAP system. The WSK employees have individual cards that record entry and exit from the premises. Based on these readings, the application generates several reports:

  • Passage report - shows all transitions between buildings at the company's premises
  • Presence report - indicates whether employees are present in the workplace; in case of absences, a report indicates the cause e.g. vacation, sick leave, etc.
  • Absences report - displays information about the absences of employees - the duration, cause, other factors e.g. holidays
  • Timesheets - a report containing a comprehensive summary of the data - the monthly number of working hours, absences, holidays, overtime, etc.

The application is available for all employees. Production workers (excluding workstations) use it through information kiosks (there are several dozen of them in the whole company).

Application for registration of waste

This application is used to record waste and scrap produced at WSK. For wastes that are to leave the premises, the application automatically generates forms to print (Waste transfer card, WZ). The application also provides several reports for waste management.


Main advantages for the Customer
  • effective time management and improving work discipline
  • automatic settlement of working time
  • improving the waste management
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