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ASM - Market Research and Analysis Centre is a company offering marketing research and projects, working since 1996 for Polish and foreign clients. The company has the status of research and development centre as one of dozens companies in Poland.

Tasks and objectives

One of the international projects implemented by the Client is the PAPIRUS program. Its purpose is to promote innovative solutions in the area of public procurement. The program presents solutions that affect the energy efficiency of buildings, for example by reducing the amount of heat loss. The main goal was to create an intuitive platform that allows users to have online training informing about project theme. The course is designed for small and medium sized businesses. It aims to support innovative approach by raising awareness about renewable energy sources and their usage. The order included implementation of the platform in two language versions - Polish and English. It is enough to register on the elearningasm.10.ires.pl platform to have access to the training.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • effective raising of environmental awareness of course participants
  • simple and intuitive to use e-learning system
  • greater reach of the program thanks to two language versions
  • the platform acts as a business card thanks to the enrichment of information about our Client
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