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The OKNO NA WSCHÓD Foundation is a non-governmental organisation for the cooperation between the European Union and the countries of Eastern Europe. The main goal of the Foundation is to popularise the idea of European unification. It is carried out by taking international initiatives in the field of culture, science, education and economy.

Tasks and objectives

On behalf of the foundation, Ideo created an e-learning platform, enabling self-directed learning via the Internet. The project was realised within the framework of the program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Współpraca w dziedzinie dyplomacji publicznej 2015”. The task included the implementation of a dedicated application streamlining the learning process of the Polish language from level A1 to B1 for our eastern neighbours.

The platform is addressed mainly to people between the ages of 16 and 24 and is aimed mainly to residents of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, who are potentially interested in studying in Poland. The App allows you to start learning from scratch and improve language skills and obtain the Certificate of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.

The Polskijazyk.pl App was based on the Edito CMS system. Ideo has implemented dedicated modules such as a virtual keyboard, dictionary, workbook and interactive tasks that support learning and memorising.

Training includes the following exercises:

  • Spellpad – typing key words into the gaps in the text or describing pictures
  • Drag&drop – matching key words to gaps in the text, images or by category
Main advantages for the Customer
  • promotion of culture, history and knowledge of Poland
  • support the implementation of the tasks of the Foundation
  • improvement of the Polish language
  • time saving for e-learners
  • reporting of learning outcomes
  • intuitive administration panel
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