E-learning platform for SAFTEKO

SAFTEKO is a brand of the SAFTECH company. The SAFTEKO team consists of enthusiasts and experts in the field of environmental protection, health and safety, fire protection, emergency medical technicians and other professionals with invaluable knowledge.

Tasks and objectives

The E-learning platform implemented for SAFTEKO, is a collection of advanced training modules in the field of health and safety for the training of staff, but brings tangible results for employers. The implemented solution consists of:

  • e-learning catalogue (enables valuation and purchase of personal or group training)
  • ordering system
  • accounts generator
  • e-courses, designed to create professional training

The E-Learning Platform has modules such as e-courses, e-lessons, e-training, users, reports, messages and a calendar.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • innovative tool to support training
  • growth in revenue for the company
  • increased interest in services
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