E-marketing campaigns for Kernau

Kernau is a Polish brand that offers modern and aesthetic home appliances. To meet the needs of families, company offers reliable, eco-friendly and low-consumption appliances. The brand's offer is the result of many years of experience and knowledge of market and consumer needs.

Tasks and objectives

We have been working for Kernau since 2016. Initially, we ran a company profile on Facebook. Our mission was to provide engaging content, engage the public, and to continually increase brand reach. Effective cooperation and customer satisfaction resulted in a significant expansion of e-marketing services.

Currently, in addition to running social media channels, we also carry out activities related to Long Tail SEO and website optimization. We also implement AdWords campaigns and optimize the site for usability (UX).

The client has set two goals to achieve - to strengthen the image and sales increase. The implementation of these two objectives is to ensure an increase in the number of transactions (from each used sales channel ) and optimization of conversion. In addition, conducted activities should influence the growth of brand awareness and improve ranges.

Achieved effects

  • Promotion of Kernau as a Polish brand, offering modern, functional, aesthetic and reliable equipment
  • Maximizing the ROI of advertising campaigns
  • Increase in traffic on the website
  • Increased customer repeatability
  • Increase in conversions / sales
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