Education and training service for LG Electronics Polska

LG Electronics Polska Sp. z o.o. operates in the telecommunications, electronics, and chemical industry, and in Poland, the company is known for devices that are both intuitive and energy efficient.

Tasks and objectives

For the customer, we have implemented an educational service at The website has an extensive knowledge base where users can find information about various LG devices, as well as general information about air conditioning. Importantly, the base has been expanded with a lot of practical advice and tips for owners of devices. Using the forum, you can directly exchange your own experiences, as well as connect directly with LG Electronics experts, who will answer every question.

The website has a ranking system for installers, who score points for completed training at the Academy for Air Conditioning or who wish to be active on the site. It is also important from the point of view of consumers, as it allows access to the most current information and also guarantees a rapid response from experts regarding questions. Installation companies with the highest scores are actively promoted on the site, which increases their chances to win new orders. Integration with the external system ‘Loyalty League Players’, facilitates the creation of the reliable ranking of companies.

The main advantages for the customer
  • increase the attractiveness of the brand
  • streamlining and strengthening the bilateral relationship between client and company
  • increased involvement of users and extension of time spent on the site
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