Electronic document flow for Marma Polskie Folie

Marma Polskie Folie Sp. z o.o. is one of the leaders in plastics processing in Europe. The company can be proud of a wide product range for horticulture and agriculture as well as building industry. Today the company employs more than 800 specialists who constantly improve their qualifications.

Tasks and objectives

For Marma Polskie Folie we implemented an electronic invoice flow system that allows free flow of information and invoices between people from different organizational units of the company. The centralized invoice flow system is made up of the following elements:

  • Bar code system for scanning and automatic insertion into the electronic invoicing system (up to hundreds of pages per hour)
  • After scanning a bar code - ability to find quickly an invoice in the system and add its description
  • Automatic synchronization of data between the invoice flow system and the customer's internal financial and accounting system allowing simultaneous analyzing of invoices (including their descriptions) in both Logito system as well as financial and accounting system
  • Ability to accept / reject / approve payment for any invoice from anywhere by authorized person
  • A comprehensive view of all invoices like accepted / rejected / approved for payment
  • Quickly switch to payments and label the invoice as paid
  • Counterparties database integrated with the financial and accounting system, including the ability to view invoices and settlements with a given counterparty
  • Notification system of outstanding paying invoices (via text and / or email)

    The main advantages for the Client

    • Arrangement the flow and billing of invoices between branches of the company and technical and commercial advisers from the whole country
    • Streamlining the exchange of information between employees
    • Streamlining the processing invoices of contractors
    • Automating simple activities
    • More efficient work time management
    • Circulation of documents in electronic form
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