Electronic document management for MDDP Outsourcing

MDDP Outsourcing focuses on providing comprehensive business solutions in the field of accounting, payroll and human resource services. The company's customers are mainly entities for which the accounting is a tool to support effective business management.

Tasks and objectives

Investing in modern technology, the company commissioned us to implement a system of electronic exchange of information and documents with their business partners. The implemented system has been integrated with the accounting system, used both by the Customer and their contractors.

The platform includes dedicated tools for user management to streamline the process of handling the flow of accounting documents. This increases the efficiency of the company's employees. The platform includes the following features:

  • scanning module
  • purchase invoices module
  • accounting module
  • payment module
  • purchase orders module
  • e-invoices module
  • e-archive module
  • replacements module
Main advantages for the Customer
  • easier access and improved exchange of information
  • improved service regarding financial and accounting processes, with some automation
  • increasing internal control over the timeliness of tasks
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