Electronic document management system for Śnieżka

Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka S.A. is a leading manufacturer of paints and varnishes in Poland and East-Central Europe. The company owes their current position in the market to an efficient and effective performance of the Board. Currently, they employ over 600 people and produce annually around 90 million litres of various types of chemical building products.

Tasks and objectives

The main purpose for implementing the system was to improve the efficiency of organisational processes by streamlining implemented tasks, office procedures and shortening the circulation time of information and documents.

Workflow reflects the structure of the company and all organisational processes and documents are registered within the application which include the following solutions:

  • CRM
  • incoming documents
  • internal documents
  • outbound documents
  • case handling
  • contract register
  • invoice register
  • communicator
  • commands
  • resource reservation
  • knowledge base
  • yellow pages
  • vacations
  • delegations
  • calendar
Main advantages for the Customer
  • shorten the document workflow
  • increasing internal control
  • easier verification of the progress of work and its location
  • increase in employee satisfaction
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