Electronic Document Workflow for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN was established in 2005. It was created by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, together with the City of Warsaw and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute. The main goal of the Museum is to collect, document and present memorabilia concerning the history of Jews on Polish land.

Tasks and objectives

Cooperation with the client assumed the implementation of the Electronic Document Workflow system, to organize both the flow of information and improve work, among others, in the area of budgeting and project management.

Document Management System with CRM module, budget planning system and project module.

The CRM module created by us is used to manage customer relations. It has been integrated with tools ensuring more efficient cooperation with the Electronic Document Workflow. Access to selected functions of the system depends on the level of authorization. Moreover, CRM is easy and intuitive to use. Thanks to dedicated modifications, it is possible to perform the following actions: adding people to the list, creating a mailing group, importing data into the database and updating it, adding notes to a specific list of people. From the level of details of a given person, it is possible to access bookmarks containing, among others, information about contracts, letters, invoices or events related to a particular person. Similarly, the same activities can be performed on lists of companies and institutions. Through the CRM module it is also possible to create surveys and send newsletters.

The introduction of the budgeting system into the Electronic Document Workflow gives access to information about the budgets of individual departments, taken from the financial and accounting system. This module also displays data on the rate of utilisation of these budgets, based on invoices and orders located in the EDC. The project module, on the other hand, enables:

  • mapping the project structure in the circulation path of invoices and contracts
  • linking documents suppored in the EDC with projects, using the Case module
  • preview of basic project data
  • displaying all projects carried out in the Museum

As in the case of CRM, the budgeting system and the project module are integrated with the Enova system. Integration assumes the option to export projects from the system in order to automate the process of assigning projects and budget items to cost invoices. In addition, it allows you to add analytical descriptions during document import in connection with other business objects.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Improving the workflow of information
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Easier budget and project management
  • Improvement of the institution's operations in the area of cooperation with contractors
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