Extranet system for AD Polska

Autodistribution Polska (AD Polska) ) is a member of the largest international buying group in the automotive industry. It has been operating in Poland since 2000.

Tasks and objectives

The designed loyalty program allows to manage sales promotions for over 9 000 customers. The solution allows to run multiple promotions at one time. Within each of them, users collect points that are accrued on the basis of purchases made in AD wholesales.

The extranet system for Adrenalin Team sales promotion program has unique and interesting solutions like product catalogue integrated with order system. Order managers have the ability to print sales documents. Important components of the implementation was integration with SMS system to inform customers about the number of earned points and to design tools for importing files containing sales structure data.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • Electronic order handling
  • Fast flow and easy access to information
  • Automation of activities related to handling each promotion
  • Simple import of customer turnover information and their automatic conversion to points
  • Communicating with customers via newsletter and sms
  • Increased sales of products
  • Customer loyalty to the brand
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