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Getin Bank is retail banking brand belonging to Getin Noble Bank SA. It was established in 2004 as a result of the merger between Getin Bank and Nobel Bank. It offers services for individual customers, small and medium businesses, housing associations and big corporations. Bank’s products are available in 400 own branches, franchises as well as a wide network of financial intermediaries.

Tasks and objectives

The website was created based on the advanced system Edito CMS, that allows you to manage the process of adding content. Its main advantage is the possibility to edit the website by using the web browser. This project included the design and development of an intuitive web platform, allowing to manage several websites at the same time.

Works on the project included the preparation of the information layout, divided into sections, that takes into account web usability aspects. We implemented a number of bespoke features on the website:

  • Website’s search engine based on the Elastic Search allowing the dedicated configuration of search parameters.
  • Banks and ATMS search engine using Google Maps, fully integrated with bank’s data bus
  • Credit and savings calculators: the user provides numerical data to calculate, i.e. creditworthiness or to find the right product from the bank
  • Contact form – the dynamic system for building forms allowing to modify and validate entry fields. The expanded module features the integration with bank’s data bus as well as statistics regarding leads
  • Download and the presentation of exchange rates (integrated with bank’s data bus)
  • Documents Center – this feature allows for an aggregation of documents regarding bank products in a one repository (with the possibility to define category and version of the document)
  • Variables – the preparation of the mechanism allowing to manage variables in an entire website.
  • Advanced system of arrangements and widgets available for multiple use within the website.
Main benefits for the client
  • Bank’s refreshed brand image,
  • more clear information structure,
  • RWD technology,
  • a various editor and publication access,
  • trainings for web admins and editors,
  • designing a joint web platform for several banking sites,
  • significant improvement in the quality of web content management.
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