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Edenred is a global brand that also operates on the Polish market. For over 20 years, it has provided companies with attractive business solutions. Its offer includes various types of products and services as part of prepaid cards, online platforms and mobile applications. The company's mission is to build employee commitment and motivation as well as to develop loyalty in business.

Tasks and objectives

For our client, we have implemented a modern image and product website. Our project was built on the basis of functional and reliable Open Source CMS system - Drupal 8. The website is perfectly optimized in terms of speed and UX, and its attractiveness also increases thanks to the intuitiveness of use.

Varnish Cache technology relieves the server and speeds up the website.

All graphic elements on the website are coherent with other websites of the company's branches. The richly designed graphic layout refers exactly to the corporate branding. Presented offer clearly and transparently shows the customer's products.

An interesting solution is the savings calculator, with which users can easily check how much they will save thanks to the card selected from Edenred offer.

On the "Knowledge base" subpage we have included several functional elements, such as the newsletter, the most popular articles or the above-mentioned calculator. The subpage also presents knowledge-rich content, divided into categories:

  • Articles
  • Webinars
  • Reports
  • Legal regulations
  • Press release

The customer can obtain leads from contact forms that determine access to the selected content.

As part of supporting the action strategy, we have implemented the option of managing promotion tools. Among them, the client most often uses an advanced pop-up window editor.

Additionally, the customer service has been integrated:

  • Customer’s API Leads - collects information about users, obtained from leads, eg from forms.
  • with GetResponse - supports marketing and communication operations, effectively building the customer address base.
Main benefits for the Client
  • A modern image and product website,
  • fast and reliable operation thanks to optimization,
  • transparent information architecture,
  • rich graphic design, visually consistent with the client's brand,
  • intuitive and fast navigation,
  • practical tool - savings calculator,
  • support for marketing and communication activities.
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