Implementation and promotion of shop is an online pharmacy belonging to PRO-FAMILIA Non-public Specialty Hospital. There is available a wide assortment of products, including medicines with personal reception, dietary supplements designed mainly for pregnant women and children and many medical products.

Tasks and objectives

Ideo created and promoted an online shop in the search engines. The project was made on the basis of Edito CMS proprietary platform. As a result, a comprehensive and functional online shop has been created where you can easily find the products and information you are looking for.

Due to legal regulations, pharmacies cannot fully benefit from the opportunities offered by e-marketing in the promotion. To increase website traffic and improve conversion rate, we decided to promote on the web search engines. Our activities are based on broad positioning. For this purpose we have selected a large number of adequate key phrases - also products with a relatively higher conversion rate.

In order to increase the effectiveness of positioning, an inseparable element of the action is continuous optimization of SEO taking into account constantly changing standards. As well as supporting offsite activities, we also optimize the conversion path for key store views.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • modern online shop
  • fast and inexpensive access to ever-increasing numbers of potential customers
  • increase in conversion rate by more than 100% over 1.5 years
  • increase in conversion rate from organic search results by more than 690%
  • increase in the number of new users coming from organic search results by over 40% per year
  • reduce the amount of basket abandonment by more than 20%
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