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KMT Gjenvinning (KMT Recycling) is one the biggest and the most modern Scandinavian recycling facilities. The company recovers used cables and metal from Norway, and beyond. The modern furnishings of the facility provide a high level of recovery and minimize emission. The company meets all requirements regarding environmental conditions.

Tasks and objectives

For this client, we prepared the web portal that enables to view statistics regarding waste processed by the company. The website plays the role of front layer of the portal, and It’s been created on the basis of Wordpress CMS. The back-end layer is an app developed on the basis of our proprietary system - Edito 4.0.

Clear information / identity website about waste recycling.

Website’s users get access to interesting information, such as:

  • Percentage recycling indicator for the selected period
  • a total mass of processed materials in the selected period
  • a mass of processed materials with breakdown into individual materials
  • a share of each of the client’s departments in the total weight of processed materials

Additionally, the website allows to generate reports in the form of a data table or a selected type of chart (for indicated set of data and many filters). There is also a possibility to create a report in the PDF or xlsx file. The website was created in cooperation with an external agency which was responsible for the graphic design.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Access to detailed statistics,
  • Quick preparation of reports,
  • A source of information for the company’s customers.
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