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Snekkern equips houses and summer houses with construction products, appliances, and furniture. It has a well-developed commercial network with 19 stores throughout Norway. The company has been combining traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods for over 100 years of activity.

Tasks and objectives

Our client wanted to create a new website that would be the brand's showcase. We implemented functionalities enabling efficient management of the main page. A new website gives the possibility to manage sub-portals, which belong to the client's business partners.

Wordpress in Multisite mode has enabled the integration of the main brand page with the sub-services of franchisees.

We have prepared a new website based on the Wordpress system. We developed a few mock-ups of the project, then we provided client design recommendations. Based on them, we made a coherent graphic template for the main portal and franchisees’ sub-portals. The page administrator can easily manage multiple pages from a single panel. In addition, the banner system, which was implemented, gives the opportunity to place ads on every company’s subpage.

The system allows the ongoing accumulation of content from all sub-services to the main portal. News, references, and announcements added on sub-portals appear simultaneously on the company's main page. Thanks to this, users have access to important information gathered in one place.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Modern and functional website,
  • quick and efficient management of the portal and subportals,
  • consistent and transparent information architecture,
  • efficient way of information searching, thanks to product categorization, references and suppliers.

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