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Norsk Journalistlag gathers currently almost all Norwegian journalists (at the moment it is nearly 9,000 people). NJ is an organization that deals with media policy, especially work conditions, salaries, freedom of speech in the media or represents members in negotiations with employers’ organizations regarding important matters.

Tasks and objectives

For this client, we prepared a web portal based on the Wordpress system which was extended by numerous internal modules for user and organizations management. An overriding aim of the website is to encourage users (journalists) and make it easier for them to join. After logging in, they get access to many functionalities. There are many types of accounts available, with multiple levels of authorizations. Each of them can be assigned to several different lines of work and functions (regular user, speaker, statesman, etc.). In the panel, there is a possibility to customize the duties of a particular person, depending on the needs, i.e. an event and displaying adequate information about this person.

Modern and dynamic websites guaranteeing high aesthetic standards referring to the nature of the institution.

Special attention was paid to the matter of information architecture. Given the variety of accounts and characteristics of events, we have planned filters that simplify searching for portal’s resources. They were implemented in sections such as events, posts, documents, contact forms database and divided into categories. It is possible to search by providing the place of an event or a date (whether it’s an upcoming or past event). Such a solution makes the website easy to navigate for registered journalists or regular users who visit it.

The thing that complements the search function is an implemented Elastic Search search engine that guarantees a trouble-free search of content in the entire portal. The other feature that helps to find desired information is a content tagging system.

The website is characterized by the trendy layout prepared in cooperation with the Norwegian agency called GodtSagt. The key element is a color palette that is compatible with the nature of the institution. Thanks to the application of RWD, the website displays properly on mobile devices.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Easy management of the user database,
  • multistage, customizable mechanism of access levels,
  • well-designed content layout,
  • dynamic and modern layout.
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