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The Central Statistical Office is the central body of government administration assigned to the Prime Minister. GUS' task is to collect statistical data on most areas of public and some areas of private life and is also responsible for the safekeeping of the collected data. The head of Office is the CSO President, who is currently Janusz Witkowski.

Tasks and goals

The main information portal is available at consists of 22 separate projects, linked together by a common CMS system into one big, well-functioning system.

We were responsible for the analysis of the existing CSO website and its traffic, then we designed a functional and graphical system for their new services. The main part of our work was to prepare a complete set of portals and additional thematic services. The implementation also included the migration of data and content, preparation of integration mechanisms from held data sources by the Central Statistical Office as well as providing training for CSO employees.

Thanks to the portal, various websites and databases which are publically available are visited by nearly 6 million unique users annually. They generate more than 12 million connections and take nearly 44 TB of data in the form of collected documents. To ensure the smooth operation and high performance, Ideo designed and implemented a network of servers that support the CMS platform and services which are operating on the Edito CMS, an advanced content management system which was tailored to the client's individual requirements and fully meets their needs.

In addition, the portal is tailored to BIP System requirements and supports widely accepted accessibility standards, including: WCAG 2.0 and RWD along with the implementation of two languages: Polish and English. The platform has successfully passed internal and external security tests, conducted by an independent company, proving the highest level of security.

Main advantages for the Customer

Pros for using the CMS Edito:

  • multiple access levels of various privileges from simple browsing and editing to complete modification of the internal CMS configuration,
  • integration with multiple external systems ensuring the correct presentation of statistical data,
  • content added in the administration panel is published in any selected services from the STAT group which reduces update time,
  • the system has a file repository tailored for efficient management of files used by more than 20 services operating on its basis,
  • accept currently working websites on the system. The Internet platform allows to run any number of additional thematic services without modification of the CMS infrastructure.

Additional benefits:

  • website is accessible to a wide audience group regardless of the technology or software used
  • convenient navigation and suitable form of content presentation
  • simple and minimalist graphics
  • coherent graphic designs for subdomains
  • service is available in two languages: English and Polish
  • search engine makes it easy to find information
  • warranty service
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