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The mission of the Fumbo is to create an efficient, committed and satisfied business community. Using the latest technology, Fumbo satisfies the need for communication.

Tasks and goals

Erudion is a tool for internal communication in companies, institutions and private communities. Both the application and all its functionalities have been designed to help improve communication between members of a community. Based on graphic designs provided by the client Ideo created the apps for Android, iPhone, iPad. The app for Windows Phone is currently under construction.

The Erudion platform enables the sharing of knowledge between members of the community and is available to everyone. This feature is particularly important for new members to the community.

Internal communication is supported by the following functions:

  • Posts, comments and ability to determine “sentiment” of the content
  • Chat (2 way and wider group chats)
  • Knowledge base with powerful search engine
  • Open groups available to all members of the community
  • Closed groups available only at the invitation of a group founder
  • External groups, also available for people from outside the community
  • The possibility of dividing content into categories and creating tags
  • Profile of community members
  • List of online users
Main advantages for the customer
  • revenue growth of the company
  • improve communication between members of the community
  • brand loyalty
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