Intranet platform for Empik

Empik is a sales network operating since 1948. The company business is about culture, knowledge, and entertainment. Their offer includes books, music and movie collection CDs and DVDs. Also, they sell newspapers, educational toys, and tickets to cultural events. Within 70 years, Empik had become an industry leader. They have about 250 stationery stores, an extensive online store, and its own marketplace.

Tasks and objectives

We created an advanced intranet platform adapted to company employees’ daily needs. The system’s primary mission was to improve communication between employees. It provides an organized database of expertise and documents. The platform gives convenient access to information, even from other systems. To build Empik’s platform, we used our advanced Edito CMS. In case there is a need to introduce extra features, it is easy to do so.

The new intranet is a major source of knowledge and a powerful tool for internal communication.

We implemented a unified and organized Document Database along with Employee Database. It includes the company’s organizational structure. Intranet aggregates data from other systems and has a built-in search engine. Combined, they facilitate employees’ search for any information. In one place, you can find all announcements, news, sales results info, and internal job offers. In the same place, you can use the events calendar.

The platform allows to track an employee’s time availability or their vacation. Intranet users can personalize the home page content and its layout to their preferences and interests. For example, they can create a group of favorite links. The intranet has an extensive role and permission system. Thus, it is possible to display specific content to a defined employee group. We implemented pop-ups that show new publications are available.

Advanced Forms and Surveys modules enable to run of polls among the staff. It helps to gather information from employees or track e.g. how many people signed up for a company event.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Improved the internal communication standards,
  • Organized document database,
  • Easier access to information,
  • Reducing the organizational chaos,
  • Increased the sense of corporate employee identity,
  • Increased staff satisfaction.
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