Intranet system for Europe Group

Europe Group (Insurance Company Europa S.A. and Life Insurance Company Europa S.A.) specializes in insurance related to financial products. It works with the financial sector in Poland, including leading banks and a large group of financial intermediaries. Europe Group has entrusted Ideo to implement intranet system.

Tasks and objectives

The purpose of intranet implementation was primarily to organize the information that is needed in the efficient operation of the company. That is why a key role is a document database that systematises the most important letters, orders, templates or resolutions. It was difficult to find them because they were in several places. The full-text search engine further streamlines the search for documents and it also allows to search through pdf and word documents. In addition, authorized employees have the ability to manage a database - attach new files, edit and delete outdated letters. The system also allows to send a notification of a new document only to people you are dealing with or give access to selected posts only to selected groups of employees.

The implemented system also serves as an information function. This is done by publishing news or the ability to create an extensive database knowledge not just for a new employee but also for all "Europeans". Photo galleries or corporate magazine presentations also make the intranet system more attractive and let everyone find something for himself.

The intranet was built on the proprietary Edito.NET platform.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • organization of information,
  • elimination of information chaos,
  • keeping documents in one place,
  • increase efficiency of the business,
  • improving internal communication,
  • knowledge base on the current company's activity,
  • effective knowledge management tool,
  • increased employees' satisfaction.
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