Intranet system for Medical University in Lublin

Medical University in Lublin (formerly Medical University in Lublin of Feliks Skubiszewski) is a recognized institution in both national and global rankings. Its story begins in 1944. The University has been awarded the "Leaders of the University" certificate as part of the 7th National Program of Higher Education Certification.

Tasks and objectives

For the University we have implemented the Intranet system, which is an extensive source of information for employees. The service contains complete information about the University, such as history, organizational structure and employees data. In order to make the internal service more attractive, we have implemented a dedicated events calendar module. Thanks to this, users can get details about upcoming events.

We have created an application which displays selected information from the intranet on the touch screen monitors located in the university's building.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • modern tools supporting university's work
  • unifying university's image
  • an intuitive and easy to use CMS
  • improving internal communication
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