Intranet system for Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration

Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration is a government administration office. There are different administrative units in the Ministry's structure including Department of Social Communications, Minister's Office and Minister's Political Cabinet.

Tasks and objectives

MSWiA had several local systems however within a single building. This caused problems in the flow of information and smooth transfer of knowledge and experience. So decided to implement one system throughout the entire ministry (regardless of location). Preparation such dedicated application was entrusted to Ideo.

Using Edito CMS system made it possible to create custom categories for individual departments. Additional functionality is knowledge base devoted to individual departments of the Ministry. Intranet has also implemented a reservation module such as meeting rooms or cars, organizational structure module, employee module (contact details, duties), vacation and delegation module. The system is used by 1600 users in different departments.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • improve functioning of the Organization,
  • improve communication between departments,
  • limitation of operating costs,
  • adaptation of information to groups of employees,
  • elimination of organizational chaos,
  • MSWiA knowledge base.
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