Kronospan: Sales and webs’ information network with one CMS and administration panel

Kronospan is a leading industry manufacturer of furniture and wood. They own over 40 facilities all over the world. All products are top-quality and made in the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Care for the natural environment is a vital part of Kronospan’s balanced development. To do that, they adopt innovative IT solutions and technologies.

Tasks and objectives

We have designed 4 complex websites / portals for Kronospan: 

We migrated all existing sites’ content and users’ account data to enable effective e-commerce development. This way, Kronospan is building an engaged community promoting their brand. 

4 complex sales / informative platforms based on one CMS system. 

Kronospan one administration panel

We divided the major sales platform into user categories, bespoke sections with various multimedia content, resources, and files. For example, the “FOR DESIGNERS” web section contains many features, tools, or multimedia decor libraries for creating amazing designs. The site has a full-text search engine (i.e., Elasticsearch) which provides users hints on how to find products easier and faster. Since the store’s product catalog is very rich, we went with complex catalogs and added advanced filters.

Just within one service, Kronospan sells products from various suppliers. Thus, to make the shopping experience more convenient, we used the multi-store shopping cart. If someone is buying many items from many suppliers, the system itself divides items into a designated supplier cart. Once the orders become confirmed and paid for, there are being forwarded straight to sellers. The feature is also beneficial to the buying customers because one can view and verify the entire order summary from a single page and pay just once. Overall, it streamlines the ordering process, by making it easier for many suppliers and speeding up their business cooperation via the sales service. Also, we have implemented our product data import method. Because the platform generates .xml and. edi files on orders, the administrators can import orders’ data to other systems like, e.g., ERP.

Kronospan multi-store shopping cart

Apart from the cart features, any buying client gets an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on one’s order. We designed a special algorithm to show which shipping method will be the quickest. It includes items’ dimensions, weight, and other transport requirements. Besides, we made sure the build-in ‘Delivery Calendar’ tool includes the statutory holidays in that calculation.

The Floor Arranger is yet another appealing feature for customers to use for matching the floor to their home interior. Customers will find many inspiring ideas and lots of interior design knowledge. For example, lots of product catalogs, item collections, and digital resources to download. Also, they get full support from Kronospan’s blogs and FAQ section. They get all the help they need to re-decorate their household. Kronospan requested to develop a platform to connect individual clients and contractors. Therefore, any client looking for, e.g., a perfect interior designer, can browse through a business cards’ directory. Also, the database enables these companies to manage business profiles and display their services.

Kronospan The Floor Arranger

To expand our Edito platform’s capabilities, we integrated it with several external tools and systems: 

  • Przelewy24 (FinTech fast payment service), 
  • DB Schenker, 
  • Freshmail (e-mail newsletter system), 
  • Google Maps (to put Kronospan’s sales points on maps, and enable to calculate distances and package delivery costs), 
  • Google Merchant Center. 

To keep everyone in the loop on the shipping delivery status, we added a complex Notifications system. It allows the administrators to design and add content on order’s status - to display or send the end-customers.

Kronospan cooperation

During the project, we included several other modules and features our Client can apply in the e-commerce business: 

  • Special Promotions, Coupons and Discount Systems,  
  • A complex platform for Strefa Płyt Club Members, 
  • Career module, (incl. job offers), 
  • The complex approvals paths and store regulations module, 
  • Fairs and training module, 
  • Bespoke Competitions module, 
  • Location store maps, 
  • Distributors and designers directory (with business cards), 
  • Complaints and returns forms. 
Major benefits for the Client 
  • Sales increase thanks to the new online store. 
  • The websites show Kronospan’s rich product offer and service possibilities. 
  • Practical IT solutions for better web content management. 
  • Many new website modules and features increase its usability and users’ comfort, 
  • Intuitive layout and modern design. 
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