Loyalty program for Zakłady Mięsne Pekpol Ostrołęk

Zakłady Mięsne „Pekpol Ostrołęka” S.A. is a leading manufacturer of meats in Poland. The company offers 120 products e.g. smoked meats, thin sausages, thick sausages, frankfurters, offal meats, delicatessen foods and block products. Their flagship products are the "Parisian" sausages, produced from the highest quality pork.

Tasks and objectives

Cooperation with Zakłady Mięsne „Pekpol Ostrołęka” S.A. included the preparation and service of four editions of the loyalty program aimed to strengthen the sale of products. Marketing campaigns were carried out using a landing page with a dedicated graphics creation.

Each edition was conducted on similar principles, but under a unique slogan: “Naradzamy ze smakiem”, “Nagradzamy ze smakiem II”, “Wieża marzeń” and “Czas na zmiany”. They differed in the target group - some of them were directed to the warehouse, and some to the end consumers. To participate in the program, customers bought selected products bearing the promotional label, and then registered their purchase in the system.

Users can exchange collected points for numerous awards, including electronics and appliances, jewellery and perfume. The user, who collected the most points won the first prize, for example, a trip to Paris for 2, or 20 thousand zlotys for a kitchen renovation.

The service was performed by Motivation Direct, a company closely associated with Ideo.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • building positive relationships with contractors
  • brand promotion
  • stimulation to purchase certain products
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