Loyalty program "Punktuj z Wedlem"

E.Wedel is the market leader in chocolate products and gained their popularity mainly due to their wide range of chocolate and candy bars. Customers can try all their different sweets at E. Wedel Chocolate Lounges. Since September 2010, Wedel is part of the Japanese LOTTE Group, founded in 1948.

Tasks and objectives

The Loyalty program for Wedel implemented under the slogan “Punktuj z Wedlem”, is dedicated for retailers. Active members are able to exchange points for prizes from a pool of nearly 1,000 gifts. In addition, the best seller won travel vouchers worth 10000 zł.

A website created to support the program, allowed to control the number of points and awards which are grouped into categories. An interesting way to use points is the ability to transfer them to charity.

In addition to the design and implementation of the platform, we were also responsible for the service of the award catalogue and comprehensive program logistics.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • Increasing sales
  • attracting new, loyal customers
  • increase brand awareness
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