Management Complaints System for Śnieżka

Paint and varnish factory ŚNIEŻKA S.A. is the undisputed leader in its industry, the most recognisable Polish manufacturer in our country. The company has created the following brands: ‘Magnat’, ‘Vidaron’, ‘Senseo’, ‘Beston’, ‘FoveoTech’ and a variety of ‘Śnieżka’ products. The company offers their products in more than 21 countries.

Tasks and goals

Managing the complaint process at a company offering such a diverse collection of products in so many countries, required us to create the right tools. Logito, based on the mechanism of workflow systems proved to be a suitable solution. It replaced and simplified the implementation of the various stages of complaint management and Śnieżka's customer service:

  • A dedicated website was launched for individuals where they can register their applications
  • Wholesalers make complaints through an order system
  • The complaints can be divided into quantitative and qualitative
  • On the basis of certain criteria, the value of defective products can be determined
  • Customers are regularly informed about the status of their case and the final manufacturer's decision, thanks to text messages or e-mails
  • The solution allows automatic reports to be generated

Moreover, the system for managing complaints has been integrated with an IFS platform.

The main advantages for the Client

  • Professional complaint process service providing application arrangement
  • Decreasing time for service issues
  • Easier search for applications and efficient generation of reports and summaries
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