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Agrosimex Sp. z o. o. specialises in the sale of plant protection products, fertilisers and garden accessories. The company has been operating for more than 20 years on the Polish market and currently employs 160 employees.

Tasks and objectives

Agro-alarm is an application designed not only for farmers and gardeners, but for anyone involved in cultivation.

In the app you can find:

  • Calculator, which helps in the calculation of doses of plant protection products
  • Notepad, where users can keep notes
  • News about fertilisation, crop protection and new plant varieties which the user is interested in
  • Messages - alerts describing the threat to fruit crops

The main advantage of using the application, are the push notifications, so there is no need to reach for the app every day. The application itself will inform you about new posts, the risk of disease or the presence of parasitic plants. The user can indicate the type of crop which interests them and receives information specific to their those interests.

The app is available on Android and Windows Phone 8.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • strengthening the company's image
  • acquiring new customers
  • increase in product sales
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