Mobile application for SFD

SFD offers nutritional supplements, diet supplements and sports accessories. Another profile of the activity is consultancy services in the form of training and diet plans. The company offers over 8000 of products from nearly 100 manufacturers from around the world.

Tasks and objectives

We have created for SFD a dedicated mobile application for smartphones running iOS and Android operating systems. It was created for the users of portal and for all those who are actively engaged in sports and taking care of their body shape and heal.

The application has for example a calorie calculator. With its intuitive help, you can calculate the calorie content and macronutrient content of your meals. The user has both the ability to add products and select those already available in the database. The program displays the total amount of calories consumed and burned in one day.

Access to other functionalities of such as a diet log or training plan, is available only to registered users. There are also paid services available in the mobile application. is a native application available on the virtual market platform - Google Play and iTunes.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • access to a diet log and training plan anywhere and anytime
  • high comfort of usage
  • login integration with Facebook
  • modern corporate image
  • full integration with the mobile phone environment
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