Mobile Game - Space Gem

Space Gem is a game that combines two iconic genres. You will find a Bejeweled Blitz like puzzle game and a cosmic arcade shooter.

Get ready for a tough challenge though, Space Gem offers eight planets with logic and arcade gameplay. Reaching the goal and passing the following planets is only possible by gaining resources in mines and upgrading your spacecraft.

As a result of a computer error, you crash in a hostile part of the galaxy. It is your job to get resources for a new space ship, gain power-ups and blast your way through 8 alien factions.

Game Features
  • logic and arcade gameplay
  • 8 mines with resources to collect
  • 8 planets to conquer
  • 12 types of enemies
  • 10 power’ups to gain
  • 8 bosses to defeat

If you like: Bejeweled Blitz, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Galaga, Puzzle Games, Arcade shooters, 80s games, then Space Gem is right for you.

Space Gem - download for free from Google Play.

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