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The publisher of the Internet portal is Inter Cars S.A., the largest distributor of spare parts for cars, vans and lorries in Central - Eastern Europe. Currently the company has 168 branches in Poland and 162 branch offices in Europe.

Tasks and goals

The web portal is at the forefront of electronic media dedicated to the motorcycle industry in Poland.

As a result of our efforts, the ease of use and its accessibility to a wider audience has greatly increased. The editors regularly publish articles on news and current events from the world of motorcycles - both in Poland and from around the world. An important addition are the reviews and tests by the editors of the latest models of motorcycles, equipment and accessories dedicated to lovers of two-wheelers.

To refresh the service provided by was the next stage of our project, and Ideo realised the importance of continuous interaction with their customers and users, so we developed an advanced system to facilitate this. Among the various functionalities implemented, special attention was given to the social media platform. Through it, users can publish text materials, photos, videos, write a personal blog, arrange a motorcycle tour with other registered users on the website or publish announcements of the purchase/sale of motorcycles and accessories.

The service has been implemented based on the content management system - Edito CMS, which ensures efficient operation and smooth and seamless future expansion.

The main advantages for the Customer
  • engaging users which contributes to the on-going expansion of their service
  • improving and simplifying communication between the user, workshops and motorcycle rentals
  • a useful and powerful platform to streamline editorial work
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