Online contest "Wygraj z duszkiem"

Nestlé is one of the world's largest food producers. The company's offer includes modified milk, gruel, grits and other products for toddlers.

Tasks and objectives

Nestlé Junior in cooperation with Ideo has prepared a loyalty program for regular customers ”Wygraj z duszkiem”.
Consumers register on the site and declare number of bar codes from milk packages they bought, and then recommend the contest page to friends. For every barcode they receive points which could be exchanged for prizes. In order to make the prizes more attractive, we gave users the opportunity to shop at "Baby Collection" stores, so that everyone chose the right gift for themselves.

The whole implementation is based on the loyalty program online platform. Every user set up an account to be able to report bar codes and check the number of points and the prizes that can be ordered.

Each week, the module generated a bundle of prizes ordered by users and distributes them to suppliers. In order to meet GIODO requirements, the module is equipped with full event logging system and various security features to control any user activity.

Main advantages for the customer
  • Increase in product sales,
  • acquiring new buyers,
  • strengthening brand image and consumer loyalty.
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