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Cobi S.A. is one of the largest manufacturers of structural building bricks and toy distributors in Poland. Thanks to many years of experience and a high quality of produced toys, Cobi is well known around the world. The company cooperates with the biggest toy manufacturers like Spinmaster, Revell GmbH, Toy Option and others.

Tasks and objectives

The aim of creating the new service was to present a wide range of products and making them available via an online store, tailored to three European markets: Polish, English and Czech.

During our long-lasting collaboration with Cobi S.A., the service has been upgraded and new functionalities were added. For example, we implemented an instructions module which contains information on the correct use of toys. Furthermore, the website is constantly updated through expert blog posts which include interesting articles for kids and adults. We are also responsible for the online promotional activities and optimising sales effectiveness.

The main advantages for the Client
  • increased site visits and conversion rates
  • comprehensive content marketing - blog platform
  • simplify updates and development of the website
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