Platform for supporting HR Processes for Infosys

Infosys BPO Poland belongs to Infosys BPO, an Indian Infosys Ltd. company. The Polish representation of this vast organisation provides services including finance, logistics, IT, service tax, consulting and strategic consulting. Besides, it is the largest branch of Infosys (after the headquarters) which employs nearly 2000 employees who support clients in 24 languages in 50 countries.

Tasks and goals

It was necessary to find an appropriate solution for payroll duties because of the large number of employees – currently, the system is used by over 1900 people. Based on the Logito platform, a system was implemented to manage HR processes including the following modules:

  • Absences
  • Overtime
  • Work Schedule
  • Training Employees
  • Employees

The implemented platform allows employees, for instance, to produce holiday requests, manage the work schedule and the settlement of overtime. The platform improves competences thanks to the easy operation of nearly 400 e-learning courses such as on-line registration and access to the history of courses. The solution is integrated with SAP HR, the internal client's system and with the alerts employees' system.

The main advantages for the Client

  • Improving the service of HR processes
  • Reducing cost of the HR Department
  • Direct data transmission to SAP HR
  • Improving the training management process
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