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BPH TFI S.A. belongs to the General Electric Company Group which is one of the largest corporations on market capitalisation in the world. The company has been operating in Poland since 1998 offering a wide range of funds and services like the management of portfolios of financial instruments.

Tasks and goals

Because of increasing the retirement age and general education, public awareness about the subject of pensions significantly increased. To effectively compete on the market, BPH TFI had to dramatically improve Internet activities and particularly to improve the www.prywatnaemerytura.pl. website. It resulted in changing the BPH TFI service in which we have implemented the following things:

  • substantive content research and creating a new information architecture
  • analysis of the current service and indicators generated by it
  • conduct empirical research on the stage of designing a new service
  • preparation of website's prototype and testing it on the target group
  • creating new graphical design with an emphasis on pleasing appearance
  • implementation of website based on Edito CMS

The refreshed website is more intuitive, has improved information architecture and simplified form that allows you to set up IKE. Preliminary analysis shows a significant conversion increase of the new service.

The main advantages for the Client
  • simplification the process of setting up an Individual Pension Account
  • comprehensive content marketing: "Everything about pensions," "All About IKE", "All About IKZE"
  • increase visits to the site and time spent on it
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