Promotion of the brand’s offer and the management of its communication

Peugeot Polska Sp. z o.o. is the official importer of Peugeot cars, spare parts and accessories in Poland. The company launched their business between 1992 and 1993 in Warsaw. Peugeot brand produces cars, trucks as well as bikes, motorcycles and scooters in 24 production facilities across the globe.

Tasks and objectives

Peugeot is the brand with impressive global recognition offering a wide range of products. That is why the preparation of the complex strategy is necessary. Our work focused on two complementary aspects: IT and marketing.

For this client, we execute complex activities which aim is the promotion of the brand’s offer and the effective management of its communication.

The first element of the cooperation was the preparation of the attractive content. Landing pages, created by us, needed to be filled with the content that takes into account the specifics of brand communication and presents its essence. As a part of this cooperation, our specialists have created unique content reflecting the most important aspects of the producer’s offer.

We made a great number of designs that focus interest and are the factor stimulating to discover the presented offer. Graphic works include processes such as the making of entertaining visual content for websites, designing mailing’s layout and creating elements for the main page.

In order to stimulate the activity of brand’s fans and build the lasting relationship, we decided to organize cyclical competitions in the MyPeugeot app that would resemble mini challenges. In the process of their implementation, we focused mostly on the social side of the brand. Tasks focused on the context of the family and provided information on motivations behind customers choices. Our activities included the preparation of the course of the competition, the making of rules and regulations, the creation of the mailing informing about results, and the management of data. All suggestions were well received by customers, which helps to build an engaged community.

We decided to launch the mailing campaign to maintain customers' attention on Peugeot’s services and products. Its main goal is to present brand’s quality and keep consumers up to date with the latest news. A weekly newsletter sent to car owners allows to intensify the contact and prevents its loss.

The main advantages for the Client
  • Marketing automation,
  • simplification of measuring the effectiveness of conducted activities,
  • segmentation of gathered data,
  • coherent graphics, attractive content,
  • effective management of brand communication,
  • building an active community.
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