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Ceramika Tubądzin Sp. z o.o. is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles. The extensive assortment from the Tubądzin Group is currently made up of four brands: Tubądzin, Domino, Korzilius and Arte. Thanks to the cooperation of more than 100 wholesalers and more than 1,000 stores and showrooms, the company's products are available throughout the country. Moreover, they are distributed to many countries in Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, and Greece. The company's service is very broad. All products meet the required European standards and are confirmed by a number of certificates.

Tasks and objectives

For Tubądzin Sp. z o.o. Ideo provides comprehensive promotion services in search engines. SEO activities were carried out on two websites owned by the company: and From the beginning, the overriding goal was to achieve the highest position in organic search results for both sites. SEO activities focused on a dozen or so strictly explicit key phrases essential to the website. An assessment enabled the selection of appropriate key phrases and developing a strategy. The principal activities have been based on building link popularity.

Achieved result
  • improving the position in organic search results
  • increase in website traffic
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