SEO for Wolters Kluwer SA

Wolters Kluwer SA is one of the largest publishers in the Polish market, belonging to the international concern – Wolters Kluwer, based in the Netherlands. It also owns the largest online bookstore, that sells specialised publications. They provide a series of studies in the field of law and business, as well as publications relating to tax, education and the medical industry, along with many other items for employees of state and local administration. Wolters Kluwer also offers tools for professionals from various industries.

Tasks and objectives

The premise of the project was to acquire as many inputs from organic search results for the bookstore, including two profiled bookstore: and Due to the wide range and an equally large audience, we have taken comprehensive measures in the field of SEO. The essential part of the work was preceded by an analysis of what was required, which provided the necessary conclusions for optimisation. The strategy was focused on building link popularity. Cooperation also included advice on the creation of content and ongoing activities were monitored using special tools.

Achieved results
  • increase in organic traffic by 50%
  • increase in the number of hits on the site
  • increased conversion rate
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