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The Polish Senate is the office performing organisational and technical tasks which are closely connected with the Senate and its authorities' activities. In addition, the Senate's actions include helping senators in the implementation of the senator's mandate.

"A Senate is what stimulates other authorities to noble actions and forbids unfair tasks and cools desire. Therefore, without a Senate's advice, opinion and control, anything beyond it is not right." -  writes Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski in "About the improvement of the Republic '' Part I. "About manners"

Tasks and goals

The Polish Senate website was designed by Ideo and is the main source of information regarding the Senate and its events. Ideo is also responsible for hosting the site. The website uses the Edito CMS platform and includes many bespoke functional modules. Among them are:

  • Search engine indexing of DOC and PDF files.
  • Transcripts which make it possible to import DOCX files which are later changed into HTML content including the automatic generation of table of contents and formatting of text. There is also the possibility to import files from a vote and attaching them to the transcript of the voting results.
  • Resolutions that allow for indexing resources and combining them with other modules within the site.
  • The meetings which allow to systematise Senators' work, provides content which is easy to search for.
  • Online accreditation which allows journalists to efficiently obtain accreditation and important information connected with Polish Senate's works.

The Implemented new service has improved the quality of informing the public about the work the Senate carries out. It is also a friendly IT tool to streamline daily work inside the Polish Senate's office and transcript department. Thanks to new solutions, it is possible to publish information to the website within a few seconds after creation.

The main advantages for Client
  • strengthening relations with citizens, and the communication with the media
  • facilitates the work of the office and improves the security of the processed data
  • service responsiveness for various devices and availability of service to a wide range of users (including the visually impaired
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