Trading platform connecting B2C and B2B shops

The Lynka company, founded in 1992, supplies promotional agencies with branded clothing and accessories.

Printwear Magazine, USA:
"LYNKA is one of the leading companies in Europe, and basically in the world, specialising in branded clothing and accessories."

Tasks and objectives

At the request of the client, we implemented a B2B platform that supports 5 independent websites, both B2B and B2C. They operate using the Edito CMS software and a shared administration panel, using a common database for products, order management and payments, etc. The platform is used for the presentation of products, ordering and information exchange with the CRM Navision system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

The dedicated web application provides a platform containing a large number of made to measure solutions. The company has an extensive network of customers with varying levels of granted discounts and a high degree of complexity to their products. To efficiently handle such advanced sales processes, the system is equipped with advanced algorithms for calculating the price of products, decorations (embroidery, printing) or additional costs. The promotions management panel measures the information of any promotion including dozens of parameters/conditions, making it much easier to manage all orders.

To help customers complete purchases, Ideo has provided mechanisms such as storage, comparison, shopping creator, current stock information, currency management, etc.

The main advantages for the Client
  • streamline business processes, which reduce administrative costs
  • customer experience improvements
  • increase brand trust
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