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The University of Rzeszów is one of the largest academic universities in South-Eastern Poland. Since 2001, the University has graduated thousands of students. The University plays an important culture-forming role and builds the intellectual capital of the Subcarpathian region.

Tasks and objectives

We designed and implemented a new website We implemented the webpage based on the CMS Edito 4.0 platform.

Complete source of knowledge for candidates, students, graduate students and university employees.

One of the most interesting solutions implemented on the website is the Elastic Search engine. It allows for a quick and precise search for content in the website resources. One of the important options that it offers is searching the content in text documents (including pdf, txt, rtf, doc, docx files). The search engine enables also:

  • Full-text search,
  • Autocomplete/hints - this is a functionality that suggests possible phrases while entering a query. It is also responsible for displaying suggestions related to the search term if no results are found
  • Using many filtering mechanisms both at the stage of defining the search and in its results.

We have also implemented on the website numerous modules, which we have adapted to the specific needs of the University. Among them, it is worth mentioning:

User accounts and authorization system
Create zones with restricted access on the website that require logging in. It makes the chosen information available only to authorized people. Each user receives in their own account access to the allowed information database.

"Employees" module
The employee can publish content in the form of texts, tables, photos, multimedia, and documents. By making it available for download, he decides who can reach them. The system associates materials with the employee's profile.

"Sites / subdomains" module
Create new sub-services (or simple landing pages) with a defined design from the panel. You can select any of the prepared color templates. The administrator can connect the prepared pages to subdomains or other domains.

Job offers
With this module, it is possible to add recruitment ads. The offers will be displayed in intuitive categories, as current or archival advertisements. It is possible to set an expiry date for each job offer. Forms associated with them ease users to submit an application for a given position.

Main benefits for the Client
  • A modern and transparent website,
  • news, documents, and information about the university gathered in one place,
  • user registration and control over published information,
  • accurate and fast content search thanks to Elastic Search.

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