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The National Broadcasting Council is a Constitutional body, which preserves the freedom of speech, the right to information and the public interest in radio and television broadcasting. The status of the National Broadcasting Council is provided in detail in the Act on radio and television broadcasting dated 29th December 1992 and in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland dated 2nd April 1997.

Tasks and objectives

As a result of winning the tender we created a new information service for the NBC. The website was designed and implemented on the basis of a visually identifiable system requested by the NBC. The website has been divided into thematic sections adapted to the expectations of different target groups, for whom the website is their first contact with the office.

In the section dedicated to consumers, you can find a glossary of specialist terms related to the broadcasting service. The section "New technologies", where you can find information about digitisation of the media, is also constantly expanding. Using forms available on the website, consumers can ask a question or file a complaint.

The department dedicated to broadcasters and operators, contains all the information about the licenses, regulations or changes in the law. Through integration with internal NBC’s databases, it is possible to find information on granted concessions, the audit findings or the location of ground stations. New regulations coming into force are entered into the calendar.

In the section dedicated to the media and analysts are e.g. press releases, all Council publications and information about the conference.

In addition to the transparency and adjustments to cater for a wider audience, the new NBC website has been adapted for the visually impaired. Increased contrast, the ability to enlarge text and a section "Media without barriers" are some of the features implemented for those users.

The main advantages for the customer
  • increasing the availability of the service through the implementation of RWD and adjustments made to cater for the visually impaired
  • improve communication between the user and the institution
  • easier management and services extension through an intuitive administration panel
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